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  • Stage – 1

Guiding Your Path to Success

Precision, open communication and personalised instruction define Fored Overseas. Our experienced consultants help you choose the ideal country and university for your career. Based on your educational and professional goals, personal interests, and budget, our advisers will help you find the right degree plan and university. Schedule a quick consultation session to get all your questions about studying abroad addressed and start planning.

  • Stage – 2

Discover Your Ideal University

Successful study abroad involves careful planning, including choosing the right programme at the right university at the right time. Based on your particular profile, our trained consultants will categorise universities as “Dream,” “Reachable,” and “Safe.” Over 1000 pupils have been placed in 16 countries. Considering your intended field of study and financial constraints simplifies university selection. Discover over 1000 universities and institutes worldwide and how our advisors can help you get free scholarships and internships. It would be best if you had an immediate conversation with the Fored advisors about this matter.

  • Stage – 3

Limitless Opportunities Await

We at Fored Overseas believe there should be no boundaries on your ability to use your imagination. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure that you can apply to any university in any country we serve. With our assistance, you can realise your ambitions and achieve your objectives.

  • Stage – 4

Perfecting Your Documentation

The admissions committee will meet you through your application. We provide full application feedback. We can help you write a Statement of Purpose (SOP), Motivation Letter, Resume, and Essays that highlight your qualities and accomplishments. Our specialists will review your application, offer suggestions, and raise its chances of acceptance. Our counsellors can assist with any documentation related to your matter.

  • Stage – 5

Navigating the Application Process

Your admission is based on your prompt submission of the application and all required materials. At Fored, our dedicated team will be by your side every step of the way as you fill out applications to any universities of your choice. We’ll help you complete the application in its entire form and get it in on time.

  • Stage – 6

Your Admission Success is Our Priority

Fored Overseas will handle every step of the admissions process for you. We guide the applicant through the portal access process, ensuring everything is done correctly. We will work until you have all the university acceptance letters.

  • Stage – 7

Empowering Your University Choice

We advise you to let your passions guide the university selection process. We don’t try to steer you towards any college here at Fored. Instead, we put you in charge of making decisions based on your preferences. We promise that choosing a university that will help you achieve your goals will be made simple.

  • Stage – 8

Unlocking Financial Opportunities

Studying abroad can be within your financial resources if you research various scholarship options. Some university options include Merit, international scholarships, application fee waivers, early bird discounts, grants, and financial aid. We look at your application and profile and suggest scholarships that fit both. Talk to one of our advisors about applying for scholarships to help reduce the cost of your education abroad.

  • Stage – 9

Mastering the Visa Interview

When applying for a visa to enter a country requiring an interview, like the United States, our staff will conduct practice interviews to help you feel prepared and confident. We offer extensive question banks that address the most frequently asked questions by visa officers. Schedule a Mock Visa Interview with an advisor to practise for the real thing, learn from your mistakes, and calm your nerves.

  • Stage – 10

Seamless Visa Processing

There are a lot of paperwork procedures to go through to get a student visa. Fored Overseas provides in-depth assistance with student visa procedures, application completion, and document verification. If you need help with anything from filling out visa applications to gathering the required paperwork and submitting it on time, our Country-Specific Career Advisors are here to help. We promise that starting your academic career with us will be pretty easy.

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Explore global study destination without limitations and choose to study at your dream international university.

“Since inception, our mission is to transform apparently impossible challenges into achievable goals. Land in your dream university through our seamless admission service.”

– Team “Fored”

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